28 May 2008

I am my beloved's,and my beloved is mine.
~Song of Solomon 6:3 kjv

From the Father's Heart: My child, we have a wonderful love relationship that I want to guard at all costs. I am your beloved, and I feel the same way about you. In that sacred romance, I long for you to stay close to Me. There is no one else who will meet your needs like I will. There is no one who will ever love you like I do. Come, sit beside Me. I love to share My inmost secrets with you.

A Grateful Response: Your love is like no other, Lord. With You, there is a belonging and a warm sense of security. I love to walk and fellowship with You in the cool of Your garden, or by the warmth of a fire. When You speak, my heart and spirit leap to join my beloved One. Wherever You are, Lord, is where I want to be.

Simple Truth: If love were heaven's only gift, it would be enough.

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09 May 2008

He Was

He was the first thing I noticed,
standing there just off the path.
I curled my toes inward, I remember,
not sure why I did though~
maybe to make sure it was real?
The gravel was the small kind,
a bit rounded, not sharp~
but He says there's no pain, right?

He looked younger, healthier.
I don't remember him ever looking such.
Watering various heights of cascading flowers~
he loved his flowers
and bored us by giving saplings or seedlings
or seeds from huge conifers he found out West~
the ones I wish now I'd saved.

There didn't seem to be a sun,
although it was bright, a fresh kind of light.
The breeze on my face was so perfect,
not hot, not even warm,
but not cold nor cool~just perfect.
Although I saw the others there,
it was him I wanted to see,
this time that seemed to last for minutes~
but then, only moments.

There was a time
when I thought back to the one I left,
yet there was no sorrow~
but He tells us that too, doesn't He?
I knew where I was, I knew I wanted to go to him,
to be closer~but I couldn't.
Not yet. I had to come back.

Come back and share the beauty that is there,
what perfect health looks like,
that what we read is beyond what we can imagine.
One day, though, one day I'll go back~
and I'll hug my dad.
Then we'll sit at the feet of the King.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My daddy~
November 27, 1929 - July 3, 2004