29 March 2013

little tiny fingers, little tiny toes
little baby eyes, little baby nose
little baby gurgles, little baby sighs
mommy & daddy singing you lullabies

life has changed, but that's okay
spending happy hours each day
making time for all the good
that comes along with parenthood

~Welcome, sweet Owen Heath Taylor~

17 March 2013

Lucky has nothing to do with it. Christians are blessed {smile font}. Praying your weekend has been filled with love and laughter and that the coming week finds you closer to Him and  moments that take your breath away~

09 March 2013

"We need to turn off the wrinkle cream ads, stop dousing our heads in dye and start looking in the mirror to tell ourselves we are beautiful. Those gray hairs you are starting to see? They are amazing. Those laugh lines you always look for in photos? They are wonderful! You are a ravishing Queen in your own right and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. So smile, laugh, ham it up for the camera and know that your joy is more beautiful than boxed color or Botox could ever be!" ~ Lauren Richwine

05 March 2013

1) I am thankful for the birds outside my window each morning.
2) I love that they always settle in the trees over the azaleas!
3) Our azaleas apparently bloom year round! Not used to that!
4) To know that I am loved makes me feel safe and happy.
5) To know Heaven is my eternal home makes me beyond happy.