27 September 2004

My fairy child~the field trip

Once on a field trip to Montgomery he asked if we could share a seat. Anxious for a smile or two, I agreed. After several miles of chitchat and hugs he pulled my face real close to his and looking deep into my eyes, he just stared for a long time.
"I love you so much, Mrs. Hood."
"Oh, Evan. I needed to hear someone say that today. Thank you."
"Do you know what else, Mrs. Hood?"
"What, Evan?"
Reaching out to lightly touch the lines on the sides of my eyes, the very lines that just that morning had made me feel old, real old, he brought his nose to mine and said, "I love these lines beside your eyes. I only see them when you smile. Did you know that?"
"No, Evan, I didn't."
And that literally made my day.
How many times do we get so wrapped up in trying to make a living, provide a home and all the other zillion things that cause us to rush through life, that we overlook the little things that come our way every day? Little things that maybe no one has told us in a long time, or, maybe we just never took the time to see. Little things, little people like Evan. My fairy child.

25 September 2004

My fairy child~His name was ...

His name was Evan Mark Pickler, Jr., and he was as short as his name was long. Large brown eyes in a small tiny face. I called him my fairy child, and he enchanted me from the very first day.
Evan loved to maintain a serious expression. There was, however, a perpetual grin behind the eyes. It was difficult to stay somber, and very easy to smile, when he was near.
Having a discussion with him was an experience all in its' own. I never knew where it might lead.
"Mrs. Hood, is this good writing?"
"Well, Evan, it's better."
"But it's good, right?"
"I can't say that, Evan. Compared to what you have been turning in, yes it's good, but it's not the best you can do. Right?"
"No, ma'am, but it's good for today, isn't it?"
"Mrs. Hood?"
"What, Evan?"
"Do you like the name Pickler?"
"Yes, I do."
"Some people laugh at my last name. Does it make you feel like laughing?"
"No, darling," I reply smiling. "I think it's a good last name."
"Well, it makes me think of pickles. I wish I had one right now. Do you like pickles, Mrs. Hood?"
I never knew once we started where we were going to end up. It was that way with him. With Evan. My fairy child.

20 September 2004

Reality begins once more~

Monday evening and I've just received the call saying "School will be open tomorrow". So - we're back into the realm of reality and life goes on. The cleanup is still continuing here in our neighborhood and the piles of debris grow larger each day. I didn't realize that so many of our people here lost such a vast number of trees and shrubbery. Or, maybe they're taking the time now to clean out what has been needing cleaning out! Don't we all have some of that in our lives!

I, for one, took the time while without power to clean out several closets and cabinets. It gave a sense of accomplishment to my being and I found myself walking around with my shoulders held a bit higher. (Strange how simple things can make one feel better! Or maybe it just doesn't take much to make some people happy.)

Mentioning happiness, a picture brought smiles to my face and a catch to my heart today. Our daughter sent a shot of our grandson this morning. Each time I hold him I'm reminded of how she felt at that age, and how he carries so many tiny parts of loved ones that have gone on before us. He's a small part of my parents, my beloved grandparents and so many others that are captured now only in faded pictures. I like to think he's captured the best of all of us - and I find myself wanting to be only the best for him. I wrote a poem for our daughter once - Jenny in the Morning. Maybe I'll post it and just maybe, someone, somewhere will know the feelings it invokes. Time. It goes much too fast and is such a precious commodity. So, again - until another time, may you find many moments of love and laughter~

19 September 2004

Ivan roared in and blew past~

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm listening to Johnny pressure wash the patio floor. As we had to remove all the furniture and plants, he's taking the time now to clean the floor. We'll paint it next weekend and once more set out the wicker and greenery. I'll get a swing up now! I do so love fall and winter and look forward to many hours on the patio and deck with good books, magazines and the swing~

We were blessed to have our power back on the same day we lost it. I didn't miss it really, catching up on sleep and magazines that had not been read. We got to have Jenny, Brandon, and Ian as house guests! and spent lots of time laughing with our grandson and playing on the floor.

Just heard from a fellow teacher that we will not have school Monday so I have a whole day to finish painting the hall bath. I'm putting a faux finish on the dressing and bathing areas that mimic the Tuscany style. It's coming along better than I'd expected and am anxious now to have it finished and completed. Johnny is a patient man, as I seem to redo another room as soon as I finish one. It would be hard to choose a favorite in our home - but just maybe, it's the 'New Orleans' bedroom that Brandon and Jenny used when they were here. Or maybe our dining room, with the aged paper and writings; or maybe, the way our bedroom wraps me up in its cocoon colors of browns and beige; or maybe it's . . . . .

15 September 2004

Awaiting the Storm

Ivan ~ the storm approaching our homes and bringing the threat of destruction and fear. Strangely, I'm not worried. For years now, I've enjoyed the power of storms and the energy they bring with them. Johnny, on the other hand, is highly respectful of all weather and cannot understand why anyone would want to stand outside and look for the tornado that has set off the alarms. Storm energy heightens the senses and changes the very air we breathe. Here's to those of us that love the power of Nature in all its raging beauty and strength ~ may it leave my power on and my showers HOT! Until another time, may your days be filled with many moments of love and laughter~