25 March 2011

The baby girl,
of my baby girl.
I am so in love
with both of them.
And always will be.

20 March 2011

Serenity. Not only a pretty word, but it describes a peaceful existence. I have heard others, and read blogs, where words like 'hate' and 'enemies' are used. What sadness to waste life with these emotions. I can honestly say I've never hated anyone. I've been hurt and very disappointed in the actions of others and choices they've made, but I've never hated them. Not even when I was at my lowest in the pain delivered by another. Understanding brings about the peace He speaks of when He tells us to wrap ourselves in His peace and to be calm. For that is when we are able to hear His words of love and comfort. If you've experienced such emotions that you would label as 'hate' or that you have made enemies, please know that you are wasting such precious time. There is more to life than trying to hide behind a life of hatred and lies and making enemies. May all of us live as peacefully as possible until He calls us home to that beautiful Garden where peace abounds. I know I look forward to seeing it again.

13 March 2011

During worship this morning, I heard something I wanted to share with you. Prayer is not all about us talking to God, our heavenly Father. It's also about listening to Him. Listening for Him. You don't have to fill your prayers with your words. Stop and listen for His. Have a blessed week ~