26 August 2013

To Noah ~ On the First Day of First Grade

Dear God, I pray he's treated right
protected from all that gives him fright.
Protect his heart from those who make fun
because he's fat or maybe dumb.
If he's too skinny or too smart,
please, my Lord, protect his heart.

He's so happy and free with joy,
I'd hate to see that be destroyed.
Help him learn from his mistakes,
never give him more than he can take.
Give him all the love he needs,
bless him with the joy that makes him free.

Save him from the pain life can bring,
and make his precious little heart sing.
God, don't let the world take it away,
it"s too precious to let decay.
So God, I beg you, please
protect him now from what he sees.

Let him see life in a different light,
Let him see darkness as a starry night.
God, make his heart so very strong,
and spread to the World his happy song.
~ Amy Huston

10 August 2013

"Come said the wind to
the leaves one day,
Come o're the meadows
and we will play.
Put on your dresses
scarlet and gold,
For summer is gone
and the days grow cold."

~a children's song of the 1880's

06 May 2013

"A horse doesn't care how much you know,
until he knows how much you care."
Pat Parelli

02 May 2013

Whatever life gives you,
even when it hurts,
just be strong and
act like you're okay.
Strong walls shake,
but never collapse.

18 April 2013

"Good friends, good books,
and a sleepy conscience:
this is the ideal life."

- Mark Twain

08 April 2013

my post on our family blog
took me to Jenny's family blog
which took me to reading
from the first
year of that blog
~ 2007

now i'm wrapped in memories
of noah's chubby legs and hands
ian's fascination with books
noah rolling christmas ornaments
ian leaving the little stage
and becoming more of a boy now

the old say memories comfort
i must not be old
they make me long for the days
of noah's chubby legs and hands
ian's fascination with books
noah rolling christmas ornaments
ian leaving the little stage
and becoming more of a boy now

03 April 2013

Isn't our Lord simply amazing?
You know, He didn't have to give such beauty.
I am so thankful for many things,
but the beauty of nature can overwhelm.
I am so thankful, Lord, for this delight.
You are an awesome God,
an amazing Father,
and I love you.

29 March 2013

little tiny fingers, little tiny toes
little baby eyes, little baby nose
little baby gurgles, little baby sighs
mommy & daddy singing you lullabies

life has changed, but that's okay
spending happy hours each day
making time for all the good
that comes along with parenthood

~Welcome, sweet Owen Heath Taylor~

17 March 2013

Lucky has nothing to do with it. Christians are blessed {smile font}. Praying your weekend has been filled with love and laughter and that the coming week finds you closer to Him and  moments that take your breath away~

09 March 2013

"We need to turn off the wrinkle cream ads, stop dousing our heads in dye and start looking in the mirror to tell ourselves we are beautiful. Those gray hairs you are starting to see? They are amazing. Those laugh lines you always look for in photos? They are wonderful! You are a ravishing Queen in your own right and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. So smile, laugh, ham it up for the camera and know that your joy is more beautiful than boxed color or Botox could ever be!" ~ Lauren Richwine

05 March 2013

1) I am thankful for the birds outside my window each morning.
2) I love that they always settle in the trees over the azaleas!
3) Our azaleas apparently bloom year round! Not used to that!
4) To know that I am loved makes me feel safe and happy.
5) To know Heaven is my eternal home makes me beyond happy.

23 February 2013

think of what's at hand
not what's behind you
the Lord your God
will sustain
and keep you
He will give His angels
to watch over you
you love
and you are loved

18 February 2013

"And in the end,
it's not the years
in your life that count.
It's the life
in your years."

~ Abraham Lincoln

15 February 2013

The Magic of Love

Love is like magic
And it always will be.
For love still remains
Life's sweet mystery.
Love works in ways
That are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
That love cannot change.
Love can transform
The most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
And sweetness and grace.
Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heart
and not with its mind.
Love is the answer
That everyone seeks,
Love is the language
That every heart speaks.
Love can't be bought,
It is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is life's sweet mystery.

~ Helen Steiner Rice

13 February 2013

"Never ignore a person who loves you,
cares for you, misses you.
Because one day,
you might wake up from your sleep
and realize
that you lost the moon
while counting the stars."

11 February 2013

Being a mom,
1) I never realized how lonely night could be until I had a colicky baby and lived six hours from friends and family
2) Having a child means liking the end pieces of the loaf, not needing as many clothes and shoes as they do, and trying really hard to like eating at McDonald's all the time
3) I never thought I could so happy that my child decide NOT to play softball and we didn't have to go to all those practices and school night games
4) Watching your child play in the yard makes you notice how many tiny flowers there are in the world
5) Just because they grow up and leave your home, doesn't mean you quit worrying about their health, safety, and well-being
6) You see them do good and you want to shout and yell out, "That's my child!"
7) You see them cry and you want to do bodily harm to the one responsible
8) When they introduce you to a date, and you know before you turn around, that you've never heard her sound like that before~and you just know, deep down, that she's given her heart, and he isn't even aware yet
9) To have her say, "Mom, I'm going to have a baby" and you feel elated and scared at the same time. Elated because she'll now know how deeply she's loved, yet scared because childbirth holds risks
10) Becoming a grandmother is to go full circle and necessary to bring comfort to the later years

PS ~This piece came from our first blog and you can click here to read it there, along with others from our earlier days, and below a recent photo of Jenny's family now. There's been a sweet addition.

02 February 2013

"When I saw you
I fell in love
and you smiled
because you knew"

~ Arrigo Boito

01 February 2013

29 January 2013

where did you go
now that you're home

what have you seen
that made you wonder

what did you do
that made you laugh

what have you observed
that touched your heart
and made a difference

in what ways has this journey
made you new

25 January 2013

ever wonder who they are
what they did
who they lived
were they loved
did they love
sad, that the photo
is now out of the family
and relegated to someone
that wonders and dreams
might we meet in heaven
and find out the answers?

23 January 2013

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