14 January 2011

Winter's Cold

I love the quietness of winter, the earth lies dormant, waiting.
And while it waits for Spring to burst forth, I take advantage
of good books, good friends, and family. It's a time
of silence to allow us to hear His voice clearly.
I absolutely love Winter and thank Him for this time.

07 January 2011

There are times when we get so caught up in life that we are overwhelmed, frightened, worried beyond belief, and go to sleep and wake up wondering how to solve the problem. He wants us, He urges us to 'be still and know that I am God'. He truly wants us to do this. Wouldn't we want our children to do the same?

This year, this brand new year, I intend to go to Him more often, to thank you more often, and to realize that in all things our cups runneth over. Our blessings far outweigh the sadness, the ugliness, the worrisome ways of our lives. May His blessing be upon us as we enter into this new year with His name on our lips.