22 June 2008

This snapshot reminded me
of this snapshot~Little boys have heroes~
and some dads,
really love
being dads~

13 June 2008

And I will pray the Father,
and he shall give you another Comforter,
that he may abide with you for ever.
From the Father's Heart ~ My child, I know when your heart is breaking, when you've said good-bye to the last dreams of your heart. I'm here for you, and I will hold you as long as you need to rest in My arms. My Spirit is ever present as the Comforter to speak peace to your heart and soul. In every sorrow, and for every tomorrow, I will be there. No one else can make that promise to you.

A Grateful Response ~ Lord, I never need to look farther than the comfort of Your arms. There You wait for me with expectant heart, longing for my fellowship. How many times I've felt Your strong arms and quiet whispers to my aching heart! Where else could I turn? Lord, You are my Comforter.

Simple Truth~ Just when we think all hope is gone, Jesus fills our hearts with song.
Today, as I was reading my daily devotional,
I remembered the grief stricken families
of the Scouts killed in the tornado.
I remembered the family of Audrey Caroline
and Luke of Bring the Rain.
Our Lord is our Comforter,
He is so in love with us,
and He promises
to always always be there for us.
What else, who else, do we need~

08 June 2008

I look at these little ones,
and I see
the good parts of me,
and sweet shades of him~
And, of course,
the best parts of them.
Parts that will nurture
these little ones
to grow to be
mirrors of all of us.
And I know
that no matter where they go
or who they grow to be
or how they get there
they will always be
the best parts of those I have loved.
Little pieces of our hearts,
our souls,
our lives,
walking around
in another time,
another century,
another life.
And so we continue
to love,
to laugh,
to live~

01 June 2008

I wonder
if she knows,
this child of mine,
just how much
I watch her.
And laugh.
And learn.

This life,
the one I dreamed of
for myself,
the one I prayed
for her.
The one she now holds
close, and tight,
to her heart.

Boldly she steps forth
to embrace,
to laugh,
to learn.
With him there,
she's never alone.

So I watch,
and I wish,
and I am thankful.
I am so thankful.