28 June 2009

I want to live on this street ~
I want to know those that live here, love here, laugh here ~
Age has nothing to do with it, except
that I cannot go make dreams like this come true ~
there are others now to think of, obligations to consider,
but oh, my dreams still take me here, still stir my soul ~
so I look at pictures such as this and I wonder,
and dream, and ponder, and know that one day
I just might walk down this street. And not in my dreams ~
for it is my dreams of yesteryear that made my life today.

14 June 2009

Ah Ian, I read in my journal last night
that this time six years ago your mother
was about eleven weeks pregnant with you.
I wrote of our excitement and anticipation
of meeting you for the first time~
You have brought such delight to our days, to mine.
You are smart, sensitive, loving, and curious.
You love cartoons, Lego's, and brownies.
Noah brings a bit of angst to your days,
but you humor and tolerate him well~
I see the best parts of your mum and your dad in you.
Your father's laughter, your mommy's love,
all wrapped up with his eyes and her nose.
Watching you and Noah brings such contentment,
such happiness to my soul and I relish
each and every moment with the two of you.
Always know you are loved,
you were prayed for,
you were awaited.
And I?
I shall always be
one of your most adoring fans.
Forever, and a day~