04 July 2008

I guess we all have things in our past that create pain, confusion, and hurt in our present and threaten the future. I know I do. Things I kept hidden, you know kind of like a box collecting dust on a closet shelf. Every so often you take a tiny peek to make sure it's still there, then quickly close it and shove it back into the darkness. Maybe that's why I always felt a kindred spirit with certain children and with women that were forced to give what only belonged to them. If you're one of these, you know what I'm talking about without any further words. If you're at a loss and don't have a clue, then I hope it never happens to you and that you never read words like these and think, 'it happened to her, too'.

My devotional today uplifted me and reminded me of the pain He feels when we hurt. He reminds us that the freedom of speaking out, dealing with it, letting go, and moving on is what frees us to step boldly into the future. He is our future. Continuing to hold on and grieve for what was lost only keeps us in the past. And the present is here for such a brief moment in time. I have had the support of a loving family and a Christian counselor, which with my King's unending love, has brought a peaceful ending to the past. The words went something like this~

True freedom is not the absence of conflict, nor is it the release from authority. He came to bring us freedom: freedom from the past that would hold us prisoner; and freedom to embrace the future and all He created us to be. He is our freedom, and His Spirit will bring the truth that frees us to love and forgive. We find true freedom when our past becomes a stepping-stone to a brighter tomorrow.

I pray that, along with me, you release the pain and hurt from the past and step boldly into His arms. In doing so, we are not slaves to those that attempt to control and to hurt. I am a child of the King and I lift my head high and look upwards to what I know awaits me.