27 September 2004

My fairy child~the field trip

Once on a field trip to Montgomery he asked if we could share a seat. Anxious for a smile or two, I agreed. After several miles of chitchat and hugs he pulled my face real close to his and looking deep into my eyes, he just stared for a long time.
"I love you so much, Mrs. Hood."
"Oh, Evan. I needed to hear someone say that today. Thank you."
"Do you know what else, Mrs. Hood?"
"What, Evan?"
Reaching out to lightly touch the lines on the sides of my eyes, the very lines that just that morning had made me feel old, real old, he brought his nose to mine and said, "I love these lines beside your eyes. I only see them when you smile. Did you know that?"
"No, Evan, I didn't."
And that literally made my day.
How many times do we get so wrapped up in trying to make a living, provide a home and all the other zillion things that cause us to rush through life, that we overlook the little things that come our way every day? Little things that maybe no one has told us in a long time, or, maybe we just never took the time to see. Little things, little people like Evan. My fairy child.

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