03 October 2004

A week of rest?

Our county is out of school this week for Fall Break. It is suuuuuch a nice feeling to know that this week I can have my coffee and read the Advertiser at my leisure. I do hope my students enjoy their time away as much as I intend to. The weather is gorgeous, although not as cold as I'd like, and the colors of fall are everywhere. John and I are definitely cold weather people. I lived in Aurora, Colorado once and have wished many times that I could have stayed there. The scenery, the climate, the snow! Maybe one day the mountains will once again be within the view of my kitchen sink, or back porch~Until another time, look for the love and laughter in your life.

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Tony said...

Nancy! Just read your blog. It's nice to "hear" from you again. Glad you're enjoying your break...Susan has had many breaks lately. Too bad the breaks were all caused by hurricanes! Lord willing, we won't have any more hurricanes.

We've lived in Florida for a little more than two years now, and I'm still not used to the duration of the warm weather. I'm with you--I like the colder weather. However, we consider ourselves Floridians now, and we're really looking forward to our "winter" (along with the all the blue-hairs from Michigan and Ohio and Illinois, and...!). Take it easy. Maybe we'll all get a chance to catch up some during the holidays.