25 July 2007

another year without me~

So, here it is. Another school year. Another year without me. Another teacher in my classroom. My classroom!! As much as I've enjoyed my lazy mornings, as much as I've enjoyed my time at home with my family I'm still looking forward to being back in the routine I've been familiar with for almost 21 years now. The year I had to leave was left with unfinished business. I need to finish a school year in the normal way. The way I like to finish a year!

I spent the afternoon, and into the early evening, with one of my bestest friends. Lisa teaches in the room next to mine and she's already talking of the classes, the new programs, the new teachers. I had to keep reminding myself that this time next year I would be back! I'm looking forward to it.

This break has been great for allowing me the time visit our girls in Mississippi and come home on Sundays knowing I don't have to go to work Monday morning! And it's given me much time with Jenny and her boys. Jen and I talk at least once a day and I'll miss the impromptu calls. Ian has even called and I look forward to more of his calls. Being home when Johnny gets in has been real nice! Most nights we've already had supper by 5:30. When I'm working, he gets in first and I'm doing good to get home by 4:30. And that's with NO meetings after school.

It would be interesting if you would leave me a comment and let me know what you look forward to in the near future. Hope is a warm feeling and allows one to rise above the stresses of the day to look ahead with a smile. Have a beautiful evening and until~

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Kelly said...

I have figured out you are Jenny's mom. :o) I look forward to the birth of my second daughter in October.