22 April 2008

love is
Remember these
in the daily papers?
I was involved
in a long distance romance
when these were new.
I think I cut out
and saved each one,
taping them carefully
in a scrapbook,
those that I didn't include
with a love letter to Georgia.
What giddy young feelings surfaced
finding this today,
and realizing
the romance may be over
but the love,
a bit of it
will always
be there.


Kelly said...

I remember when I lived at home (especially all through high school) I'd save all the comics like this or that I liked. Those I did not give away I still have in a memory box in my room.

Leah said...

Love this! It's fun to relive those "loves" once in awhile!

The new look is great!!

Kristen said...

Love this! I also love your background!