08 June 2008

I look at these little ones,
and I see
the good parts of me,
and sweet shades of him~
And, of course,
the best parts of them.
Parts that will nurture
these little ones
to grow to be
mirrors of all of us.
And I know
that no matter where they go
or who they grow to be
or how they get there
they will always be
the best parts of those I have loved.
Little pieces of our hearts,
our souls,
our lives,
walking around
in another time,
another century,
another life.
And so we continue
to love,
to laugh,
to live~


Kristy said...

I love this post Nancy! Love those grandbabies!

Susie Harris said...

You are blessed! Susie H

cammyk said...

beautiful photos.