09 March 2009

A Pocketful of Sunshine

See this smile? It is genuine.
And I got to see it recently,
on a trip to the Gulf Coast.
You may remember,
those of you that follow along,
a post on Heartstrings.
She was venturing into life again.
Bravely, boldly, hopefully.
And now ~
This precious friend of mine,
has met someone;
and he has brought delight,
smiles, & laughter to her days.
To add to this journey of hers,
she has sold her home & is making
the dream of living on the Gulf Coast
her reality, her life.
And she smiles ~
Thank you, Richard, for coming into her life.
From those of us that know and love her,
we welcome you into our homes
our hearts, and we look forward
to many years of laughter,
trips together, and knowing
the one we love
has found someone to love ~


Kelly said...

Awww. From what you have said of her - she deserves the very best.

Leah said...

She looks blissfully happy!

Nancy said...

She is :) she's home.

Screaming Meme said...

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