18 April 2011

Happy Birthday, Nels ~

The big brother I always needed.
He's on the right. His son's on the left.
Look how tiny they make me look!
I've loved him for 51 years now.
He has my back.
And I have his.
Ian quickly became Nelson's buddy.
I have loved watching his eyes light up when
they are playing. It warms my heart
that they love each other so.
Elle is the same way.
Not quite as much as Ian,
but he can quickly get a smile.
I haven't mentioned Noah.
Early, early on in Noah's young life,
Nelson came in full of life and laughter,
and scared the beejeesuse out of Noah.
He will cautiously approach Nels now,
but always with a foot back ready to run.
Best buddies.
Best friends.
Brothers by different mothers.
The two men in my life I love
more than life itself.

Happy birthday, my beautiful Nelson.
I love you dearly
and treasure our relationship.
Always know, I'm here
and I've got your back (heart font)

much love,

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