13 May 2011

It wasn't until I had grandbabies
that I realized,
it's fun to watch them
blow out a candle
over and over and over again;
it's fascinating to watch them
build a tower from Legos
only to knock it down
and laugh with delight;
to see how quickly they learn
where the snack basket is;
to remember what it was like
watching the same cartoons
that I did when I was younger;
to feel delightfully loved
when they fight over your lap;
to see that look of adoration
when they spot your face;
and to see their unabashed love
when they see their parents
walk through our door.
They love me,
and I relish in that fact,
but it thrills me to know
they love their parents more.
They are the best parts
of all the ones I love ~

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