11 February 2013

Being a mom,
1) I never realized how lonely night could be until I had a colicky baby and lived six hours from friends and family
2) Having a child means liking the end pieces of the loaf, not needing as many clothes and shoes as they do, and trying really hard to like eating at McDonald's all the time
3) I never thought I could so happy that my child decide NOT to play softball and we didn't have to go to all those practices and school night games
4) Watching your child play in the yard makes you notice how many tiny flowers there are in the world
5) Just because they grow up and leave your home, doesn't mean you quit worrying about their health, safety, and well-being
6) You see them do good and you want to shout and yell out, "That's my child!"
7) You see them cry and you want to do bodily harm to the one responsible
8) When they introduce you to a date, and you know before you turn around, that you've never heard her sound like that before~and you just know, deep down, that she's given her heart, and he isn't even aware yet
9) To have her say, "Mom, I'm going to have a baby" and you feel elated and scared at the same time. Elated because she'll now know how deeply she's loved, yet scared because childbirth holds risks
10) Becoming a grandmother is to go full circle and necessary to bring comfort to the later years

PS ~This piece came from our first blog and you can click here to read it there, along with others from our earlier days, and below a recent photo of Jenny's family now. There's been a sweet addition.

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