11 August 2007

"No matter where you go, no matter what you do; I will always, always, always love you."

I can't think of anything that one of our daughters could do that would cause me to quit loving them. What awful, terrible thing would have to take place that would cause me to turn my back and cease to love them? I've thought of mothers that have children sitting on death row, or those with adult children that wear a perverted label given to them by the court system. As bad as people are and as bad as things can be, there's still that mother's love.

Sure, I've been angry, hurt, sad. But I can honestly say I've never, ever stopped loving them. Even when my actions didn't back up those words. There were times I had to practice tough love, times when my words were harsh. Sometimes too harsh. But I never stopped loving them. I've never regretted having them in my life.

The quote isn't original. No, it comes from a beautifully written film called "The Electric Grandmother". I saw it many years ago and fell in love. Written by Ray Bradbury and released in 1982, it's about a family whose children are traumatized by the death of their mother. They go to an old factory, where they customize a new grandmother, and within a short time, she arrives. The boys are charmed. The daughter, however, still misses her mother and she bears no welcome for this interloper. Maureen Stapleton is the grandmother and Edward Herrmann is the father.

Netflix doesn't carry it, but I did find it on a Goggle Search. It's worth the change to buy it.

So, my beautiful girls. The daughters of my heart. No matter where you go; no matter what you do. I will always, always, always love you~

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