12 August 2007

Switch on the Night

It's getting late and I'm getting sleepy. This is a time I enjoy looking forward to. You see, I love our room. The previous owner had painted the walls a nice chocolate color and although I never would've had the nerve to choose that color, I do so love it! It's like being wrapped in a soft cocoon. Especially at night, snuggled under my comforter with the fan creating breezes and the sound machine set to sounds of the ocean. Since the accident, I've taken more naps and slept later than I ever have. And I enjoy it. I relish it even.

Darkness has never frightened me. Now, I've been frightened at night before. When one of the girls was sick or Johnny. But never of the dark itself. I read a story once that asked this: "Have you ever noticed that when you switch off the light, you switch on the night?" The lesson being, that to notice the beauty of the night, you have to 'switch off the light'. It's a warm short story encouraging children not to be afraid of the dark. So during the upcoming days find time to switch off the lights and switch on the night. And rest well, dear friends~

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Kris said...

I will have to remember that because i have never been fond of the darkness even at a older age.